© By Grady L. Duncan 
Wake up!  Wake up!  America!
The axe is at your root.
Your branches have grown wild,
and are bearing bitter fruit.
There's work to be done,
to turn things around,
before the axe is used,
to remove you from the ground.
The Founders of this nation,
planted a hearty stock,
and it grew and flourished,
and was solid as a rock.
The envy of every nation,
The freest of the free.
None other was so noble,
throughout all history.
But, in these latter years,
its Tenders have grafted in,
dishonesty, lust and greed,
and all sorts of other sins.
They've taken away nourishment,
of principles so right and pure,
Without which, its end will come.
Of that you can be sure.
Stand fast for what's right.
Prune out the mistletoe.
Rid yourself of pestilence,
so you'll continue to grow.
Watch over the new growth.
Nourish it to keep it strong.
You can be you former self.
It won't take very long.
Don't forget, God is watching,
and I don't think He's very pleased,
that we no longer trust Him,
nor get down on our knees.
He has never left us.
He's there and still remains.
'Twas us who turn our backs.
It's time to turn again.
MIDI - "Come To America"
Seq'r Unknown
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