© R.L.”Bob” Duncan, Sr. 
4 Dec 2000

The sky was dark and dreary.
The moon obscured from sight!
A cold wet wind was blowin’
It was a winter night!

The lower clouds reflecting…
The glow of Christmas lights.
Santa was soon expected.
It was Santa’s night!

Inside the children sleep’n
Snug and warm within their beds,
With visions of Christmas toys…
Dancing in their heads!

The excitement of early morning…
as children start to rise…
can be easily seen…
By the sparkle in their eyes!

The home is filled with laughter…
Gift paper on the floor!
Smell of food a’cookin’
Who could ask for more?

The family all have gathered
To celebrate the day!
Giving gifts to each other…
And watch the children play!

Be thankful now for what you have!
Rejoice and be glad!
There are lots of folks in this old world
These things they’ve never had!

Music is "Holly Jolly Christmas"