Christ In Exile
© By Grady L. Duncan

All across our fair country,
and in courts throughout the land,
our rulers are forsaking God,
and Christ’s name has been banned.
They have enacted regulations,
and have written them into laws,
taking “Christ” out of Christmas,
replacing Him with Santa Claus.

They ignore the People’s protests,
but the minorities get their ways,
no longer saying “Merry Christmas”
instead, it is “Happy Holidays”
No Nativity Scenes on the square,
nor angels in Christmas Trees,
are allowed on government sites,
since banned by their decrees.

No more prayers from students,
are allowed in public schools.
God is not to be mentioned,
according to their senseless rules.
No Ten Commandments on display;
they are offensive to some.
They are not in their religions,
back where they come from.
“Political Correctness” is their slogan,
no matter the consequence.
Their ear is toward minorities,
which fails to make much sense.
With the silence of the majority,
I feel so frightfully alone.
Awake!  Reclaim your freedoms.
America is still OUR Home.

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