Christmas Tributes
© By Grady L. Duncan

I’ve fought the crowds in all of the malls.
I’ve decorated the tree with shining balls.
I’ve hung a holly wreath upon my door.
I’ve dusted the furniture and swept the floor.

I’ve wrapped the presents and tied the bows.
I’ve changed the light bulb on Rudolph’s nose.
I’ve gathered some wood for the fireplace.
I don’t know how long I can keep up this pace.

There are many more things that I must do.
I hope I can last until I’m finally through.
There are lights to be hung along the eaves.
Then I need to rake and burn all the leaves.

The kids are coming!…They’ll soon be here.
They all come home at this time each year.
This old house will come alive once more.
There will be laughter and songs as before.

The wife, usually calm, will be all excited,
preparing the food for all who were invited.
Family and friends will add joy to the day.
Each, a tribute to the birth of Christ, will pay.

Let us all give thanks for the freedoms that He has given,
and for our brave soldiers who have fought to preserve,
and let us all do our part to preserve it here at home.

Merry Christmas to All!