Cold Wintry Days
©By Grady L. Duncan

Br-r-rr! It sure is cold outside.
It’s not fit for man or beast.
A brisk icy wind is blowing,
straight out of  the northeast.

My goose bumps have goose bumps.
I’ve got icicles on my nose.
My feet are blocks of ice.
I can’t even feel my toes.

Nobody hears me when I talk,
though I try, I don’t make a sound,
because the words only freeze,
and fall, like ice cubes, to the ground.

When I try to light my heater,
the match gives out a glows,
but the flame don’t give its heat,
for I think the fire just froze.

Would someone please tell me,
why the government gave us warning?
They say they know the problem.
They say it’s global warming. 

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