Happy Thanksgiving
© By Grady L. Duncan 

Well, Thanksgiving is here once again.
The wife is baking a plump turkey hen,
stuffed and bedded in cornbread dressing;
the symbol of God's bountiful blessings;
and giblet gravy fresh from the pot,
and a green bean casserole, steaming hot;
Candied yams so juicy and sweet,
with marshmallows on top, so nice and neat;
Mashed potatoes, so creamy and white,
with brown gravy on top, a delicious sight;
Fresh churned butter on hot fresh buns,
to sop up the juices when the eating's done.

A table piled high with wonderful things.
The children are vying for drumsticks and wings.
All is ready, now bring on the bird.
All is suddenly quiet, not even a word.
A glance around to be sure all is there,
then bowing our heads, we say a prayer.
Now to you and your family, I just want to say,
"May this be the scene on your Thanksgiving Day"

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

Midi - "Give Thanks"
Seq'r Unknown

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