In Troubled Times
© By Grady L. Duncan

Sometimes nature seems unfair,
and there’s nothing you can do,
to change events in life
and what they’ve done to you.

You start asking questions;
wondering what you’ve done wrong,
but there are no answers,
for where the blame belongs.

Please don’t blame the Lord.
He knows and feels your pain.
He wants the best for you;
That’s why he was slain.

Oft what we do when younger
haunts us when we’re older,
then is when the blame,
lies squarely on our shoulders.

The fault may be with nature;
a conflict in your genes,
or caused by the environment,
of today’s industrial scenes.

When things look their worse,
and you feel that you are all alone,
bow your head and bend your knees,
and place it all before God’s throne.

Dedicated to Rhonda Martin,
(A victim of breast cancer.)
We are praying with you Rhonda.

Support the fight against Breast Cancer
Support the fight against Breast Cancer
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