In Whom Do You Trust?
© By Grady L. Duncan

Times have changed since my youth,
and this nation is not the same,
for the Lord has lost His place;
many refuse to mention His name.

Though our motto is, “In God We Trust”,
some no longer want it that way?
They want to erase His dear name,
removing it from any public display.

Then they aspire to take control,
and campaign hard and long.
“Let me be this nation’s leader!”
“I’ll correct what I think is wrong!”

“God will rob you of you freedoms!”
“He will deny you of your rights!”
“We must control our destinies!”
“Follow Me!”  Join in the fight!”

Yes! They stand ready to lead,
but history has warned us well.
If we trust a fool to lead this land,
they’ll lead us into a living hell.

It’s happening to us, even today,
with abortions upon demand;
the glorification of immoral acts;
with marriages of man to man.

Children are led astray in school,
by mandates of ungodly persons,
and parents remain uninformed,
usually until such a matter worsens.

  Use much caution in whom you trust;
we cannot afford to be wrong anymore.
Chose godly men to lead this land,
so America will trust in God as before.

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