Keeping In Touch
© By Grady L. Duncan
17 November 2005

All through the ages, man has tried to stay in touch.
Earlier on it was simple, and didn’t cost so much,
Methods were really slow; messages being passed by hand.
Couriers were dispatched, carrying messages throughout the land.

With the beating of a drum, or smoke signals in the sky.
reception was only good, if the recipient was nearby.
Young men rode swift horses, carrying their precious load;
then came dots and dashes sending messages in Morris Code.

Samuel Bell and others like him, developed the telephone,
solving a long standing mystery, delving into the unknown.
No longer was it necessary to interpreter the written word,
At last a voice came through clear, and at last it could be heard.

Changes came more quickly with advances day by day,
until now, we have picture phones that don’t ring, but play.
Truck drivers have their CB’s, and workman, walkie-talkie sets,
and every teenager, their cell phones; wait that’s not all yet.

Businesses have their Fax machines and the housewife her email,
And the sheriff has a satellite phone down at the county jail.
Now we talk, talk, and talk; yapping the whole day long.
Wait just one minute, there’s something that’s gone wrong.

All of those other contraptions serve to take up our time,
yet we fail to talk with God, and it wouldn’t cost a dime.
With all of the carrying on, we’ve forgotten how to pray.
At least we could take some time, to thank the Lord for each day.

Turn off those laptop computers; hang up your wireless telephones,
God is waiting on the other end, somewhere in the great unknown.
His line is never busy. There always a direct line.
He wants to hear our voices.  Why can’t we take the time?

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Music - "Just A Little Talk With Jesus"