Now And Then
  © By Grady L. Duncan 

I spent my younger days,
not knowing that I was poor.
We didn't envy our neighbors,
because they had no more.
We lived from day to day,
trusting God to provide tomorrow.
When we needed something,
sometimes we had to borrow.

Our neighbors were like family. 
Our lives were intertwined.
Whatever was mine was theirs,
and theirs was considered mine.
Neighbors caring for neighbors,
was how we all survived.
We may have all been poor,
but brotherly love still thrived.

When the Church doors opened,
everyone would be there,
to worship the same God,
and speak to him in prayer.
The Bible was their text,
and they read it every day.
They lived by what it taught,
and reared their kids that way.

Those ways have ceased to be. 
These are the days of plenty.
We have everything we want,
and our wants are many.
No one knows his neighbor. 
They just want to be left alone.
If they speak at all,
it's over the telephone.

We keep our doors locked tight. 
We can't trust anyone.
Our windows are locked and barred,
and we keep a loaded gun.
Our children are in perils. 
They can't go out and play.
We've turned our backs on God,
and Satan is having his way.

Today, my heart grieves,
because many hate my Lord.
They have no need of Him,
nor know His Holy Word.
Riches have made them proud. 
Their lusts have filled their souls.
The fires of Hell await them, 
Their fate, the Lord has told.

However, there is a solution,
to this big mess we're in.
We can learn to love our neighbors,
and turn back to God again.
God has blessed this nation,
far above all others.
We need to help and care,
and learn to live like brothers.
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