Four Seasons – Act II (Summer Fun)
© Grady L. Duncan

The sunset paints the evening clouds,
with brush strokes of yellows, pinks and reds.
Spring yields to the calls of nature,
as the scenes of summer are spread.

Summer’s stage is now made ready.
All of the players are in their place,
as the sun peeks over the horizon
with a glowing smile on its face.

The days grow long and warm.
The sky is ruled by a glaring sun.
The kids are all out of school,
and are ready for some summer fun.

Twelve short weeks is all there is
and there are many things to do;
Summer Camp and vacation trips,
are on the list of quite a few.

There are exciting trips to the beach,
to build beautiful castles in the sand,
with frequent snacks of hotdogs and sodas
at the beachside refreshment stand.

Then there are the family cookouts,
and watermelon parties for one and all,
or  freezers of homemade ice cream,
followed by a friendly game of ball.

But it’s not all fun and games;
there’s much work to be done,
So some folks must do the work,
while others are having their fun.

Once in a while they might stop,
to rest in the shade of a nearby tree.
There they may dream of days passed,
when they too, had summers free.

Have fun while you still can;
soon the school bell will call.
Then all will become memories,
as each summer fades into fall.
Music - "In The Good Old Summer Time"