Summer’s Finally Over
© By Grady L. Duncan

Most people really like summer,
and I don’t blame them at all,
But, for me it’s much too hot.
I’m glad when it is finally fall.
You see, I live in Texas;
That land that God forgot;
especially in the summer.
That’s why it gets so hot.

Well, I planned a family cookout,
right out in the noonday sun,
but before I fired up the grill,
the meat was already done.
The dogs stay in the house,
snoozing away and sawing logs.
The trees are in a panic,
and have started chasing dogs.

Them poor cows in the pasture,
wade out deep into the pool.
There they stand for hours.
They know we like our milk cool.
The chickens are still laying.
Poor things, they’ve got us spoiled;
for every morning for breakfast,
the eggs are already hard boiled.

God gave us such hot summers,
lest by chance we forget;
we only are living in Texas,
and we ain’t in Heaven yet.
Or, maybe He’s trying to warn us,
With every long, hot dry spell.
If you think it’s hot in Texas,
just wait till you get to Hell.
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