Take a Stand
© By Grady L. Duncan

There comes a time in every life,
when we must take a stand.
Others may try to enforce their views,
on the people throughout the land.

This country doesn’t have a king,
who sits on a throne on Capital Hill.
Our leaders work for us, you know,
and they serve at the people’s will.

So quit acting like you’re their subject.
Stand up and take your rightful place.
Any fool can see where we’re headed.
The result will be ruin and disgrace.

They’ve turned their backs on God,
and dare not even mention His name.
They mock Him on every occasion,
and have put Him to an open shame.

They flaunt their immoral behavior,
opening wider the gates of Hell,
and paint it as if it were nonexistent,
by the crafty lies that they all tell.

Stand fast on your God given principles.
Let God’s Will be your guide.
No battle can be as victorious,
as when God is there by your side.

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