Four Seasons – Act III (The Gathering)
© By Grady L. Duncan  - 10/30/05

In the quiet of an autumn eve, as the sun slips slowly away,
it’s like the changing of scenes, for the third of a four act play.
Spring and summer have gone before. They made their curtain call.
Now the stage is being prepared, for the glorious entrance of fall.

The call goes out for “Wardrobe”; “Makeup” is busy as can be,
splashing on gobs of color, on the leaves of every tree.
The fields have yielded their harvest. The trees have born their fruits.
The sap is ebbing once again, as it is returning to its roots.

The house lights are dimmed again. The orchestra is beginning to play.
The foot lights are then brought up, signifying the start of a new day.
The curtain draws back to reveal a scarecrow standing center stage,
looking much like ones I’ve seen, on some child’s story book page.

Squirrels scamper here and there, with their bounty in their mouth,
while geese are honking overhead, in a “V” as they are flying south.
Dew is heavy upon the grass; A misty vapor lies o’er the dell.
Grazing cattle appear as ghosts, as seen thru a widow’s veil.

Beyond stands trees with rustling leaves, of rich tones of yellows, reds and browns.
As a brisk wind blows you may see them flutter as they fall to the ground.
This is the season for gathering.  A festive atmosphere is in the air.
The family is returning home, to celebrate with a gala affair.

The harvest has gone to market.  The money is safe in the banks.
Now is the time for reflecting, and bowing our heads to give thanks.
The stage lights begin to dim, as the curtain is coming down once more,
as the finale is coming up next.  Winter is making ready for act four.

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