The Old Fiddle
                       © By Grady L. Duncan             5/22/03

In the loft of an old barn,
as I was browsing around one day,
I happened upon an old fiddle,
that someone had stored away.
It was all covered with dust,
from years of total neglect.
Its owner no longer cared,
so it was forgotten, I would suspect.

Nearby I found an old bow.
It was hung upon a rusty nail.
From the looks of them both,
they weren't used in quite a spell.
I tucked it beneath my chin,
but I found out very soon,
there was no music within,
it was so badly out of tune.

Idleness and gross neglect,
had stolen away their beauty,
like the children of our Lord,
who have fallen out of duty.
They could be the same again,
just like the soul of Man.
All it takes is time,
and the care of a Master's Hand.

No matter what the age,
nor where it may be found.
If only He's given a chance,
it will make its beautiful sound.
If only someone might care,
and sees what they must do,
life's symphony can resume,
when  the Master's work is through.
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Midi - Bach's "Air - on G Sting"
Seq'r Unknown