Trick or Treat!
© By Grady L. Duncan

When you go out on Halloween Night,
don’t go near the House of Fright!!!
Your friends may urge you with a dare,
Turn your back.  Get away from there!

A foggy mist floats low over the ground.
A weird wooly creature makes a spooky sound.
A sudden scream is heard, that your don’t expect,
makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

There are big cobwebs around the door.
Spiders come out of holes in the floor.
There’s a faint green glow from within,
and a Jack O’Lantern wears a scary grin.

They say there are ghosts that roam the floors.
They pass right through without opening doors.
It’s said that others have dared to enter in,
and to this day have not been seen again.

A double dog dare might make you go in,
lest you be called a coward by your friends.
Go if you must.  A dare cannot be spurned.
But, I’ll wait right here until you return!!!

Happy Halloween!

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