Trip Preparation
© By Grady L. Duncan

Who among us don’t plan, before departing from home,
making sure nothing is forgotten, when on this earth to roam.
We load up hordes of luggage, with our bare necessities,
then add a few more items of vanity and some niceties.

We even secure our dwelling, calling ahead for information,
handling all of the little details, and making our reservations.
We select our mode of travel, purchasing passage on planes,
or getting departure schedules whether by boats, buses or trains.

If we’re traveling just for fun, we might drive our own car,
but without planning ahead, we may not get very far.
No matter where nor how we travel, we’ll return before very long,
and life’s routine will resume, as if we had never gone.

With that said, I’d like to remind you; there’s a trip that lies ahead.
Few there are who’ve planned it, and stand ready with no dread.
All will make it someday.  No one will be excused.
There’ll be no deferred departures.  It’s not something you can choose.

There are no bags to pack. Everything is sent ahead.
Every deed you’ve done, and every word you’ve said.
You will take nothing with you. It’s a “Come as you are” affair.
There’s no more time changing; no more time to prepare.

You need no reservations.  All arrangements will have been made.
The tab awaits your arrival, and all debts will be paid.
Make it a pleasant trip.  Don’t wait another day.
Prepare while there is time. The days are slipping away.

It’s a one-way journey. There will be no coming back.
Take inventory of your life, and correct what you now lack.
When the departure day arrives, your destiny will be forever sealed.
When the “Book of Life” is opened, your fate will be revealed.

If you’re groping in the dark, not knowing what you must do,
pick up God’s Holy message, and study it through and through.
It gives you all the warnings, and tells you what steps to take.
Then pray for understanding.  Do it now for Heaven’s sake!

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