What’s Wrong With You?
©By Grady L. Duncan

When you feel out of sorts,
you know just where to go.
You will seek the opinion,
from people who should know.

No matter what it cost,
you will be willing to pay.
Good health is so precious,
you’ll do whatever they say.

After all, we live just once.
We want to make it last.
Some day the end will come,
but you hope it’s not too fast.

When you’ve spent your money,
and there’s nothing they can do,
what hope, then, is left?
Your options are very few.

What about the real you?..
that part that will never die?
Have you given it any concern,
as those years passed by?

Have you seen the great physician;
the giver and sustainer of all life?
He is the only solution,
to end your hopeless strife.

The body is just a shell,
of flesh, blood and bone,
that is just a mortal shelter;
the soul’s temporary home.

When it is laid to rest
in that cold, dark, miry grave,
He only, can lift you up,
He only, your soul, can save.

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Music - "The Great Physician"