© By Grady L. Duncan
The night was crisp and still.
Snow had covered the ground.
Carolers raised their voices,
In sweet angelic sounds.
Neighbors greeting neighbors,
As they passed on the street,
Displaying the joy of the season,
To each other as they'd meet.
Wide-eyed children standing,
With noses against the glass,
of the Toy Store windows,
as other people hustled past.
Bikes, skates and trains,
Dolls and tea sets too,
Were on their wish lists,
Just to name a few.
Moms and Dads were clever,
Shopping for each child's surprise,
Doing their best to keep them,
From children's prying eyes.
A hiding place was needed,
To keep the gifts unknown,
If they were discovered,
The secret would be blown.
Twinkling lights unnumbered,
Lit almost everything.
On a hill overlooking town,
A church-bell began to ring.
The town's tree was lit,
Drawing a gentle crowd.
They began to sing the songs,
Of Christmas, long and loud.
The feelings of those moments,
With none other can compare.
Each heart was touched with peace,
And felt compelled to share.
If only it could last,
Throughout the entire year,
This world would surely be,
A place devoid of fear.
The centerpiece of the season,
Isn't Santa, as some suppose,
The fat and jolly fellow,
Dressed in his wintry clothes.
It's Christ the Father's Son.
He's what it's all about.
Some try to celebrate the season,
And leave our Savior out.
I wonder how he feels,
When we remove his name,
And call the season X-mas.
We should be ashamed.
I'm sure that he's disgraced,
And feels quite perplexed.
My Lord is my Master.
He is not an X !

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Midi - "Silent Night"
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