Yes! I Know
             ©By Grady L. Duncan           9/2/04

Life has its cruel moments,
which can grow into saddened years,
when tragedies visit our loved ones,
and we shed those bitter tears.
When hope and dreams are shattered,
and our hearts feel deep despair,
then we know without question,
just how much we really care.

When a call comes, early morning,
and the message is one we dread.
"There was a mishap on the highway,
and your loved one is nearly dead."
Somehow, we make the journey,
with many questions on our minds..
"What is it that we can do?"
"What are we going to find?"

When the doctor's say, "It's hopeless!"
"There's nothing more we can do."
Then where are we to turn?
The rest depends on you.
That's when we feel so helpless,
and feel like we're all alone.
We feel our strength has left us.
We feel all hope is gone.

Does the grief drive us to our knees?
Well, that's a good place to start.
When there's nothing that we can do,
let God know what is on our hearts.
Our hearts shouldn't be bitter.
We should share it with our friends.
Their comforts will be our treasure.
That's where God's work usually begins.

God Bless You My Friends
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